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Successful "Senior Monday" at Catholic Charities

Lake City, Fla. – Despite cold temperatures nearing 40 degrees Monday morning, Catholic Charities Lake City Regional Office saw its highest attendance rate yet for “Senior Monday”, where senior citizens – ages 60 and up – have been able to get a shopping cart full of food, gift cards to Publix, as well as bagels, coffee and have questions answered about Medicare and Medicaid. On Monday, March 20, Catholic Charities was able to serve 390 individuals and 168 families, 133 of those being senior families. Catholic Charities will have its last “Senior Monday” for the month of March coming up this Monday, and would like to encourage senior citizens that need help with food assistance to attend.

“It’s such an honor being able to serve this community and meet the needs of those that need it the most. Not only were seniors able to get a gift card, they also left with pantry food bags, produce, meats, bread, pastries and canned goods,” said Suzanne Edwards, Catholic Charities Lake City Regional Director.

Thankfully, Catholic Charities has been able to supply plenty of fresh fruits and produce thanks to the Florida Gateway Food Bank and its partnership with Feeding America, which works with local farmers and food organizations around the area. Along with fresh produce, canned goods and other food, Catholic Charities also had their Medicare Review Specialist, Christine Beardsley, and her associate bring hot coffee, hot chocolate and fresh bagels from Panera Bread for all of the clients. Catholic Charities is beyond grateful for the volunteers and others that have come to help during our Senior Initiatives.

For more information regarding Catholic Charities’s “Senior Monday” campaign or any media inquiries, please contact Suzanne Edwards at or by calling 386-754-9180.


For more than 22 years, Catholic Charities Lake City has served the local communities of Columbia, Suwannee, Hamilton, Lafayette, and Union counties with charity rooted in compassion. Our fundamental belief is that we have a responsibility to care for those in need by meeting basic human needs, restoring dignity, and assisting toward self-sufficiency.

By providing emergency financial assistance, food assistance, community outreach services, disaster relief, and housing assistance, we are putting our beliefs into action to transform lives. When you donate to Catholic Charities, you are helping “Bridge the Gap” in our community by lifting, connecting, uniting, and extending a helping hand to the people around you.

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